We Will Remember Freedom

A monthly podcast of anarchist fiction.


Our Episodes

Pandemic Special 1 – Imagine a World So Forgiving

Story written and read by Margaret Killjoy. This story first appeared in Fireside Fiction in 2016. Her ship thundered into the ground, and Caroline stumbled out from the wreckage into a bright haze of ivy and trees. No one had set foot on Earth...

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Pelecanimimus and the Battle for Mosquito Ridge, by Izzy Wasserstein

This story first appeared in the anthology Resist Fascism, published in 2018 by Crossed Genres. Dedicated to the Memory of Oliver Law (1900 – 1937), the first Black American to command white troops and leader of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (Spanish: Brigada Abraham Lincoln)....

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Ogres of East Africa, by Sofia Samatar

Read by Derek Johnson This story originally appeared in Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. Unfortunately I (the host, Margaret Killjoy) gave the reader the wrong information about where it first appeared and the audio does not reflect that. The fault is...

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The Great Armored Train, by Nick Mamatas

Read by Ben Church This story appeared in Nick Mamatas’s anthology The People’s Republic of Everything, published by Tachyon Publications. The Great Armored Train SO, THIS IS WHAT COMMUNISM MEANS? Gribov thought. The train was magnificent. It seemed too heavy to move, but it fairly...

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Alien Love Disaster Virus, by Abbey Mei Otis

Read by Bea Flowers This story appeared in the book Alien Love Disaster Virus Stories, published by Small Beer Press. Alien Love Disaster Virus What happens first is people in hospital masks come banging on our doors before it’s even light out. They herd...

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The House of Surrender, by Laurie Penny

Read by Ben Church. This story first appeared in der Freitag in both English and German in 2015. The House of Surrender Not far from here and many lifetimes’ journey away, there is a place called Sanctuary where they grow almonds and avocados and...

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